‘Tour de East Ferris’ attracts 152 riders from Ontario, Quebec and B.C.

Ontario Cycling would like to see events brought back to North Bay and Area

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EAST FERRIS – It was dubbed the ‘Tour de East Ferris’ as 152 riders from Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia weaved around the roads of the community competing in the Provincial Road Championships.

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The event was so well received that Pam Julien, president and CEO of Ontario Cycling, said she wouldn’t be surprised if it returns to the community.

“There is a high opportunity to bring it back and we have a lot of ideas to make it better. There’s the appetite and a lot of excitement for it to return here.”

Julian said the North Bay location to host High Performance Youth Racing and Provincial Criterium Championships has been in the works for quite a few years.

“However when the location for the Provincial Road Championships fell through we inquired whether we could add provincials and make it a three-day event instead of two,” she said.

“Within a week or 10 days we had it locked in.”

Julian said it’s a win-win for Ontario Cycling and its racers, as well as for the host community.

“Coming up north we don’t have the opportunity to bring events up here. It’s a great opportunity to show our Southwestern Ontario riders how amazing Northern Ontario is. The land is beautiful and the roads are great.”

East Ferris Coun. Rick Champagne was overjoyed with the event and the reception from the community.

“It was absolutely nice to see it in our small community. I did not realize that it was going to be that big of a venue,” he said.

“Great job from managing staff and everyone involved, great to see participating evolve in our great municipality – and also see the fans all along different locations cheering them on during Tour de East Ferris.”

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