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Some say “George, you should cut back on some things you are eating these days.”

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You know, for years I have eaten pretty well anything I wanted without giving it a second thought.

And truth be told, I didn’t feel any worse off when eating them.

That is, until our Powers that Be made it mandatory that most of all our food has to have a label on them, showing us the ingredients.

They call it: Nutritional Facts.

Now I don’t know about you, but if I listened to them, I would have to stop eating most everything I have ever enjoyed.

The thing that gets me is that these so-called scientists, or whatever you want to call them, come up with these ideas, thinking they are bettering our lives.

Then the manufactures say. “Wait a minute, by doing that, you’re cutting into our profits.”

So they sit down in their fancy offices and come up with another plan.

Which consists of making the cans, boxes, etc, so darn attractive, that I even have to take a second look when passing them by.

Heck, I even found that they put the prettiest ones at eye level in hopes that the urge will hit you, and you will drop it into your cart.

I have to admit they are good at what they do.

Especially at the checkout counter with all those chocolate bars staring at you, saying “Come on now, I know you want me.”

And who am I to argue? Onto the conveyor belt they go without giving it a second thought.

Another product I enjoy occasionally is a cold beer, especially on a hot day.

You know, for years I thought that a couple beers was good for you. Now though, they are telling me that it isn’t. Which is downright hard for me to agree with.

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Another thing that caught my attention is all these diet things on the market today. Years ago, there was no such thing.

Now they have Light this and Diet that. Heck, you even have Light Beer.

Who would have ever thought that would happen.

But it did, and the interesting part is, that people are buying these products.

I never buy Light Beer or Diet anything for that matter, as well. Why would I want to buy something that you get less of.

Just doesn’t make sense.

So knowing all this, what is a feller like me to do?

Well, I think I have to stop listening to what some of these so-called professionals are telling me today.

Like, “Well, George, no more baloney or bacon and tomato sandwiches, stop eating hot dogs smothered with mustard and raw onions, give up your cream and sugar on your porridge, and ease off your beer, replacing it with green tea.

Hearing that, I now scratch my head, thinking. Well, I have been eating and drinking all these things now for over 70 some years, and I have had a pretty darn good life.

Oh, there are a few things that I am dealing with today, but I don’t believe it has one thing to do with what I ate over the years.

If anything, I would think the problems I have now have been caused by what they are putting in the food we are eating today.

Now once again I am just saying…

So with that bit of information roaming around in your mind, I am off for a piece of old cheddar cheese.

Maybe two, just because I can.

And no, I am not going to read the label.

Why spoil a good thing?

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