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The motorcycle run to raise money for Prostate Cancer research is back

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The 160 motorcyclists were getting their motors running and heading out on the highway.

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With apologies to Steppenwolf, it was an incredibly happy return to a full-blown Ride for Dad. This long-standing charity movement helps raise awareness and funding for prostate cancer treatment.

After two years of virtual charity rides, the bikers gathered at the Canadore College main campus parking lot to begin the 2022 charity jaunt.

Chair John Strang says while the last two years have been okay, it is far better to have everyone moving out as a large rolling task force for charity.
“They are so excited. The program we had set up through National (Ride for Dad) the two years was great. It allowed people to do it at their own time.”

Strang says togetherness is hard to pass up.

“Bikers like to gather. They like to celebrate what they are doing. Everyone is so positive today, ‘I raised this much money’ and they are simply happy to hear that.”

Strang does not know at this point how much money has been raised in this year’s ride. He does know almost $900,000 has been raised locally in the last 15 years in the fight against prostate cancer.

This event is personal to rider Rob Maltby.

Maltby lost his wife to cancer seven years ago, and he believes all cancers need to be fought strenuously, no matter the type.

“It feels great to be out here and fighting for such a worthwhile cause. I did have some friends who lost their lives to prostate cancer and that is why I do it.”

Maltby feels it is so much better to be out doing this with fellow motorcyclists.

“It absolutely is, to be out here and be amongst all the other bikers is just amazing”
The riders left the Canadore parking lot at 10:30 a.m. Saturday. The route included stops at Giant Tiger outlets, the Nipissing Museum down Wasi Road, out to Mattawa and then back to the college for a late afternoon pig roast.

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