Peter Friedrichsen & Jack Wayne

Perceptible | Imperceptible: Landscapes in Solargraphy by Peter Friedrichsen

Imagery of urban and rural landscapes are recorded through long exposure pinhole photography. Weeks to months of diurnal sunlight and fleeting winter conditions leave their impressions in a silver-gelatine paper emulsion. Unexpected influences of environment, light, colour, space, and time are revealed, providing an opportunity to re-interpret the photographic print.

Couples and Pairs by Jack Wayne

Couples and Pairs continues Jack Wayne’s work in Visual Sociology. It is a retrospective of Dr. Wayne’s images of the pairing of humans he has taken over the last 25 years.  The photographs—of spouses, lovers and pals—are displayed without interpretation. The viewer finds meaning in the kiss, the dance, the gesture and even the proximity of the individuals.  

May 11-29 at Propeller Art Gallery, 30 Abell.

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