Here’s What to Expect During the Spring 2022 Mercury Retrograde

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We hate to break it to you but Mercury retrograde is back. Sorry! Fortunately, astrologer Clarisse Monahan revealed what we can expect during this spring’s Mercury retrograde and what can be done to survive it. 

Just a little refresher, Mercury goes retrograde about three to four times a year, and when a planet goes retrograde, it slows down and gives the appearance of moving backwards in the sky. Since Mercury is associated with communication, travel, commerce and information, you may experience delays, misunderstandings, issues with phones and computers, and pretty much anything and everything that has to do with those areas. 

What to Expect During Mercury Retrograde Spring 2022

From May 10 to June 3, there will be a shift in the way that communication takes place. “Meanings may become more indirect, wires get crossed, we have to deal with delayed transport, lost cargo, contracts getting flubbed, love letters lost, text messages misunderstood, and so on,” Monahan said. “This spring, it’s complicated transit-wise.” 

Mercury prefers being in fast-moving signs, which is not what it will get when it moves through earthy, fixed Taurus. According to Monahan, Mercury in Taurus can feel slow with lots of pauses. So you may want to keep your expectations in check if you’re expecting a new project to get off the ground quickly at this time. 

Before that, Mercury will be moving through its home sign Gemini from now until May 23. “Gemini is chatty, but with Mercury retro in the Twins, things can get catty,” Monahan said. “You may experience some backbiting and gossip, or you may be the one spilling the tea.” 

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