Hamper campaign a huge success

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As the calendar turned, it brought to an end another wildly successful hamper campaign. In fact, donors made the Jerome Taylor Memorial/Whig-Standard ‘Christmas Hampers of Hope’ Fund campaign one of the most successful to date, with more than $213,000 raised. It was a phenomenal success and we are truly grateful for all the support.

More than 3,000 households benefited from the campaign and received gift cards to purchase food for Christmas. This has touched many lives in our community and helped them to have a more joyous holiday. We know that many more people have struggled to make ends meet during the pandemic. The generosity of donors has helped us ensure that we could assist thousands of individuals and families. It may seem like a small amount, but we know that it makes a big difference for recipients.


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The hamper campaign has been a strong partnership between the Salvation Army and the Whig-Standard for almost three decades. The campaign also received support and profile for many years from Jerome Taylor and the Taylor family, and this tradition has been carried on by Jason Taylor and the good people at Taylor AutoMall. We thank everyone who has helped make the campaign another success, especially our volunteers and donors. Your kindness is felt throughout the community.

Steve Serviss, Editor-in-chief

Kerry Sammon, Director, Media Sales

Our Donors

The Corbett Family:  $100

In memory of Patrick and Jerry Jordan:  $50

Paul Murphy and Catherine Amodeo: $100

In memory of the late Theresa (Mary) Vallier: $25

In loving memory of Alison Cooke: $100

Dan and Lyne Fruhling: $50

Jennifer and Bruce Nelson: $500

Marjorie Pinkerton: $100

In memory of Theresa Vallier: $40

In memory of Stephen Roughton: $300

In memory of Lorna Ubdegrove: $50

Marilyn Wright: $25

Kathy Young: $150

Congregation of the Most Hold Redeemer: $100

John Hinton Holdings Corp.: $1,000

Tallack Martial Arts – 500 Technique Challenge: $2,271.66

Denise Moore and Brian Coghlan: $50

Anonymous: $500

Anonymous: $100

Bram and Bryn Fisher: $500

Alan and Lorraine Fyke: $100

Bruce and Donna: $100

Jim and Michelle Kennedy: $100

Anonymous: $100

Anonymous: $100

In loving memory of Lorne Ubdegrove: $50

In memory of Jim, Jacqui and Jamie Walls: $200

Smith Army Surplus: $500


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Ecobust Ont. Inc.: $250

In memory of Douglas Baxter: $100

Cindy Bolton: $300

J.D. and Beverley Boyd: $200

Bernard and Donna Burkom: $100

Mary Cassidy: $100

Glenson and Catherine Crozier: $1,000

Anonymous: $150

Dorothy Forester: $50

Charles and Karen Francis: $75

Memory of Furlong and Cowell families: $50

Anonymous: $100

Anonymous: $100

Anonymous: $50

Lanna Henry: $200

John and Charlene Horwood: $200

Anonymous: $25

Christa Krueger: $200

Peter and Anne Murphy: $100

Ryan and Gail Power: $200

Wayne and Carol Sayeau: $100

Timothy and Diane Wilkin: $200

Bren Savage & Son Ltd.: $150

Crossroads United Church Congregational donation: $1,000

Novelis: $10,000

In memory of Jack Soutscott: $100

In memory of Irene Fitzgerald: $50

Dorie Anglin: $1,000

Michael and Sheila Barrette: $100

Michael Bowers: $300

Laurence Corish: $60

Mikalia Da Silva: $25

Raymond Doyle: $150

Paula Drouin: $50

Mary Hannah: $75

Marilyn Healy: $100

Ronald Holden: $1,700

Carole and Paul Kinnear: 100

Barbara Lawson: $100

Diann Lawton: $65

Janice Ley: $100

Anita and Jack Lister: $150

Helen Lywood: $100

Hay Boon Mak: $500

Mullen Family: $200

Robert and Rose Nolan: $200

Peter Sheppard: $300

Catherine Smith: $25

Howard Steele: $200

John and Jennifer Stephenson: $200

Debbie Stevenhaagen: $50

Douglas Townsend: $200

Ute Wilkinson: $52

Mary Anne and Dale Zupancic: $2,000

Peter and Wendy Burgess: $100

Terence and Patricia Butler: $100

Daniel and Rita Gale: $125


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In memory of Mr. and Mrs. G.F. Moore: $320

Harriet Ryan: $200

Gisele and Michel Szczesniak: $800

Shirley Underhill: $100

Garry and Donna Wheeler: $75

Ute Wilkinson: $450

Roberta Wright: $100

Linda Athersych: $100

Michelle Chatten Fiedorec: $250

Jessica Duggan: $100

John and Assunta Gerretsen: $200

Lucille Groll: $30

Elizabeth Harlow: $200

Majorie Hull-Bailey: $50

In honor of Kingston Duplicate Bridge Club: $75

Brenda Legler: $50

In memory of Arthur Doak: $100

Lisa and David Nelson: $180

Ronald Peterson: $50

Ken and Marie Varey: $300

In memory of Lorna Ubdegrove: $100

Joey Bray: $250

Helen Chadwick: $100

RobertClark: $750

Maurice Corey: $75

Robert Cowperthwaite: $25

Arthur Dolan: $25

Alllison Fisher: $50

Karen Fournier: $50

Kevin Gatenby: $150

Dennis Hosfield: $100

Susanna Hum: $30

Cliff Kane: $100

Alice Leavitt: $25

Patricia MacKay: $100

Karen Murphy: $100

In memory of Lene Jorgensen: $1,400

In memory of Roy and Alfred: $500

Donna Stoness: $100

April Wallace: $50

Anna Lynn Wiebe: $25

In memory of Bert, Joyce and Barbara: $200

Mary and Keith Berry: $300

Anonymous: $100

L.M. Fay: $100

Donald Fournier: $75

Anonymous: $50

Judith Harrower: $50

Theodore Hsu: $50

Linda Jones: $100

Anonymous: $50

Patricia Nicholson: $50

In memory of Hilda and Lorne Walker: $200

Lawrence Potvin: $100

Joan Shamess: $100

Laurie Thompson: $200

Ronald and Marion Tripple: $100

Tallack Martial Arts 500 Technique Challenge: $845 (additional)

We also thank our donors who gave anonymously through the Canada Helps website. These amounts are included in the total listed.

Total to date: $213,193.66


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