Dock dredged to prepare for summer season

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Dredging operations were underway at the Chief Commanda II dock on Lake Nipissing Wednesday in what a worker terms “a periodic operation.”

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Crews from Canor Construction were at the site with a power shovel and dump trucks to keep the berth clear for this summer’s operation of the cruise ship.

Natural currents in the lake cause sand buildup around King’s Wharf Landing. Over the years, the sand build up reaches levels that can impede the operation of watercraft, the city said in a statement, based on information provided by David Jackowski, manager of Corporate Facilities, Operations and Infrastructure.

“In order to ensure that water craft can operate safely in the area of Kings Landing and the marina, dredging operations are undertaken periodically in targeted locations,” city spokesman Gord Young said.

The dredging will allow the Chief Commanda II can pull all the way into its slip.

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