Conan And The Stone Of Kelior

An adventure of swords, sorcery, seduction, and spectacle, Conan And The Stone Of Kelior sees Conan the barbarian battling brigands, winning the favour of a Queen, and grappling with a Serpent of Shadow! Conan navigates Hyboria – a tumultuous and beautiful land – in quest of a Kingdom to call his own. Through the machinations of a mysterious Oracle he becomes embroiled in the search for a lost and arcane artifact, the Stone of Kelior, whose source of power is little understood. All of this culminates in a great and terrible revelation that forces Conan to choose between his dream – having his own kingdom – and his honour.

Fourteen performers flood the stage with voice and vigour, deftly populating Robert E. Howard’s harsh Hyboria to a fully orchestrated soundtrack that provides the earth-shaking sound of the movies without crowding the theatre. Breathtaking original animated backgrounds, illustrated by award-winning artist Mark Rehkopf, and a fearsome Serpent made by Puppetmaster Kristi Ann Holt of Fraggle Rock fame, assist the cast in bringing one of literature’s most original and unforgiving fantasy landscapes to pulsing, brutal life.

May 5-15. $20-$40. Alumnae Theatre, 70 Berkeley.

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