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London, United Kingdom–(Newsfile Corp. – March 26, 2022) – Chinu is now listed on Coinbase and Binance. Its innovative marketing, NFTs, and decentralized exchanges have made a huge impact. Chinu is not only here for the revelation of the market but is also here to make a positive impact on people’s lives with its huge partnership with charities and brands across the world. Chinu is creating a community of people by allowing them to earn Ethereum by playing their game “Chinu Chilli Catch”.

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Chinu was tracked on Binance, Coinbase, and soon after its launch.

Chinu’s Mission:

Chinu is a new breed of meme coin which is on a mission to change everyone’s life for the better. Chinu NFTs, Chinu Chilli Sauce, Chinu Comics, Chinu Drip, Chinu Chilli Catch – a play-to-earn game, Chinu Wallet, and Chinu Staking are here to change the whole scene forever.

Chinu’s NFT’s:

Chinu will release amazing NFTs. Chinu NFT holders will be able to buy/auction/sell their NFT’s on Opensea.

Chinu Chilli Sauce:

A chilli sauce that will be able to purchase from anywhere around the world. Profits will be used to buyback and burn tokens.

Chinu Comics:

The limited-edition digital comics of Chinu will embark on Chinu’s journey and adventures. It will be launching over time and will be available as an NFT.

Chinu Drip:

This will allow the Chinu holder to buy merchandise. There will be clothing, accessories, and many more collaborations with international artists and brands. This will allow the user to be more involved with the brand.

Chinu Chilli Catch – Play-to-Earn Game:

This is an online game that will allow its user to earn Ethereum. This will give an incentive to the user to participate more to earn the prize.

Chinu Wallet:

Chinu wallet can be used for tracking Chinu wallet balance, coin valuation, etc., without being at risk of any threats.

Chinu Staking:

It is a way to work and earn rewards. Anyone can earn Chinu by staking Chinu with high APY with their own Chinu staking platform.

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