Bruce County encouraging development of affordable housing

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Bruce County has released on its website an introduction to the creation of affordable housing in the county for developers.

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Affordable Housing 101 provides developers with some context for affordable housing creation in the county. It also will offer step-by-step guides, tools and other resources, the county says on its website.

Three “toolkits” will be released concerning development of multi-residential buildings; development of low- to medium-density housing; and for homeowners or landlords who could intensify their properties.

In Bruce County, the affordable housing thresholds for 2020 were rents below $1,014 and ownership costs below $346,600.

The county’s Affordable Housing 101 website says there were a projected 30,600 households in Bruce County in 2021, which is up by 7.7% from 2016. By 2046, the county is projected to grow to 36,900 households.

It also says that in recent years, housing unaffordability in Bruce County has been driven by three factors: a general shortage of new housing construction, a lack of diversity of housing, and an increase housing demand as more people moved to Bruce County, triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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